ILLC Code on Github

This is a list of Github repositories created or maintained by current or former members of the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC). Current versions of the repos are also available here.

1. Epistemology & Philosophy of Science (EPS)

2. Formal Semantics & Philosophical Logic (FSPL)

3. Language & Music Cognition (LMC)

4. Mathematical & Computational Logic (MCL)

  • A symbolic model checker for Dynamic Epistemic Logic (url)

5. Natural Language Processing & Digital Humanities (NLP&DH)

6. Theoretical Computer Science (TCS)

  • Quantum Information @ Amsterdam (url)
    • A Python package for rigorous free fermion entanglement renormalization from wavelet theory (url)
    • A SageMath package for computing moment polytopes associated with finite-dimensional representations of compact and connected Lie groups (url)
    • This is a Python module and Jupyter notebook for tensor scaling, computing entanglement polytopes, and solving the one-body quantum marginal problem (url)
    • A Maple package for computing Kronecker coefficients g(λ,μ,ν) (url)
    • Efficiently compute Kronecker coefficients of bounded height (url)
    • Python code to calculate the entanglement fidelity and success probability of certain port-based teleportation protocols, as well as their asymptotics (url)
  • Computational Social Choice
    • Python Package for Computational Social Choice (url)
    • Encodings of Judgment Aggregation (JA) problems into Answer Set Programming (ASP) (url)
    • A Python package for creating and manipulating logical sentences written in the negation normal form (NNF) (url)

If you wish to add a repository to this list and to this collection of repositories, please send an email to

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